The northern coastal area of Taiwan is closest to the Wanli Crab fisheries therefore Wanli Crab is available all-year-round. The New Taipei City Government has coached and recommended 36 seafood restaurants where people can enjoy reasonably-priced Wanli Crab dishes. Each of these 36 restaurants also has at least two of its own creative Wanli Crab recipes. People are encouraged to give the creative Wanli Crab dishes a try to experience the versatile tastes of the Wanli Crab.

Three ports: Yeliu, Guihou, & Fuji are especially recommended as they are the major Wanli Crab fishermen's working harbor. The restaurants there also offer Wanli Crab dishes using authentic fishermen's recipes. They are worthy of trying.

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Wanli Crab is the Crab to Eat When in Taiwan