Wanli Crab(萬里蟹) includes three kinds of sea-crabs which are Flower Crab, 3-Spot Crab, & Stone Crab.

These three are the most abundant Taiwan sea-crab species and they are the most popular ones amongst Taiwan consumers as well. These crabs were caught mostly by the skillful crab-fishermen from the Wanli District in New Taipei City, which made Wanli naturally the top live sea-crab distribution center. In order to advocate the sea-crabbing culture and to pay respect to the hardworking and couraeous crab-fishermen, the New Taipei City government established the “Wanli Crab” brand (referencing the Western food-origin concepts and systems) in 2012.


Different from the imported King Crab, Shanghai Hairy Crab, Dungeness Crab, and farm-raised mud crabs, Wanli Crab is Taiwan-originated sea-crab which is wild, non-polluted, natural, and fully sea-flavored. The full-bodied crab meat, delicate and tender, is ideal for various culinary usages.

Comparing with farm-raised Shanghai hairy crab and mud crab, Wanli Crab's meat and roe are both extremely rich in sea flavor and requires no condiments or dipping sauces for taste enhancement. The sea flavor is especially distinct when the Wanli Crab is eaten cold. While the mud crab, with its apparent muddy taste, has no competence with the Wanli Crab.

The Northwest Fishery* outside of New Taipei City is the main crabbing zone for Wanli Crab, which generates more than 80% of Taiwan's annual supply of live sea-crab for island-wide restaurants and sea-food markets. The seaside areas of New Taipei City are all ideal Wanli Crab gourmet tour routes. Yeliu, Guihou, and Fuji fishing ports are especially popular as the seafood restaurants there provide fresh live Wanli Crab all-year-round.

* The Northwest Fishery is located within the east-bound of 120°40'e and the south of 26°n.

The Northwest Fishery 

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